Choom Gang Unite.

Bitch hand me the aux cord Iā€™m bout to change your life

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fuck the refs

They’re calling everything against the 49ers fuck this game already

Let my squad get a win

Fuck, seriously! 
How I feel about today. 

but a quick thank you to everyone who helped me through it! This would have been the worst day without you. 

Anonymous said: Why not talk to the friends you already have and are "too busy" for?

I’m pretty sure that I know who this is, and I wish you would have just texted me. Sometimes I get in the mood to meet new people. I didn’t think it was a terrible thing to want to get to know someone new?

Someone should be interesting and Kik me all day! Work is gonna be lame… I can feel it. Kik:shutupmanduh

"I’m not picking my nose, I’m fixing my nose ring" A memoir as told by me. 

Getting lit.
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